Congratulations to our $100 Gas Card Winners.


Marian Lomneck
Katherine Dion
Trula McGill
Joan C. Snider
Doug McCalister
Nancy L. Louise
Mary Shimko
Lyuba Parsons
David Kass
Jennifer Overbaugh
Craig Butler
Josue Colon
Deborah Pagano
Crystal Ybarra
Elizabeth Valdes
Linda Wagner
Robert Michael Luby
Kathleen Hews
Benjamin Edward Teal
Antonette Russ
Gary Walters
Connie Soucy
Juan Bermudez
Jeannine Casty
Jane M. Lawrence
Dorothy Miller
Margaret Bazylewsky
Timothy Fetterly
Marilyn Marson
Dori Lane
Hillary Fateh Newman
Elvin C.Longman
Sheila Crawford
Kathie Diaz
James Edward Renfroe

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As a winner of the $100 Gas Card you are automatically entitled for a chance to correctly roll 6 dice to win the Grand Prize of $50,000 in FREE GAS.  To be eligible you must attend the Dice Roll on June 15 and be in attendance by 12pm (noon). The Dice Roll contest will be held at the Gulf Coast Town Center pavilion located at 9902 Gulf Coast Main Street, Fort Myers.

We look forward to seeing you at the Dice Roll for your chance at $50,000 in FREE GAS.

For questions call 239-479-5500.


Complete Rules available to download.




Business Offices - 239-479-5500


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